Axonic in Hubbis: Current Opportunities in Asia’s Wealth Management Markets

Nov 13, 2023 | In the News, Insurance Solutions, Press

Axonic Insurance Solutions is a specialist creator of tailored annuity products for high-net-worth individuals and institutions in the U.S. and offshore markets. While it is based in New York, this branch of Axonic is actively expanding into the Asian market, recognizing a growing demand for diverse and secure investment products in structured annuities. To learn more about their product offerings and the opportunities they see in the Asian wealth management sector, Hubbis recently interviewed two managing directors of Axonic Insurance Solutions – Giles Boeree and Robert Painter.

The article begins by highlighting how Axonic Insurance Solutions’ partners with AmFirst Life Insurance Company, focusing on both U.S. and offshore markets, to offer product categories that include the Guaranteed Fixed Rate Plan with three, five and seven-year annuities, and the Guaranteed Investment Plan, which features indexed-linked annuities providing downside protection, minimum returns and potential upside linked to leading indices like the S&P 500. This strategic partnership enhances its presence in the growing Asian market, catering to the demand for secure, diversified investment products.

According to Painter, the customer base for Axonic encompasses high-net-worth (HNW) and institutional clients, both domestically and internationally. In the U.S., this includes individuals seeking retirement-focused insurance products and institutions of various sizes opting for tailored insurance and investment-linked solutions with insurance or bond wrappers. In Asia, the focus shifts to serving HNW individuals through private banks and independent advisory firms.

Regarding the vast opportunity in Asia, Giles observes an increased interest in yield-enhanced, protected products due to rising volatility in alternative assets, particularly equities. “With higher and potentially still rising rates, the returns on offer a few years ago are less alluring, so appetite amongst HNWIs for steady and predictable medium-term returns has increased significantly,” he explains. “These offer robust returns, and while not the highest returns available, they are protected and very low risk, meaning overall a very interesting proposition.”

To learn more about the structure of Axonic Insurance Solutions, its exact proposition for the Asian wealth management community and its near-term mission to build a strong market presence in Asia, click here to read the entire Hubbis article. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us 

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