Axonic Unveils Tailored Annuity Solutions in Asia at Hubbis Investment Forum

Nov 13, 2023 | In the News, Insurance Solutions, Press

Axonic Capital’s global vision is now reaching new heights in Asia through Axonic Insurance Solutions. To help investors learn more about Axonic’s global expansion, Rob Painter, managing director at Axonic Insurance Solutions, recently spoke at the Hubbis Investment Forum in Singapore.

During the forum, Painter explains how Axonic’s journey to enter the Asia market began with the establishment of their international headquarters in Singapore in February, strategically positioning us to seize opportunities in the region. Since then, Axonic has expanded into Australia and the Middle East, with an eye on further growth in Hong Kong, while also establishing a presence in Switzerland and exploring avenues in London.

At the heart of our approach is a fully integrated platform crafted by Axonic’s founder explicitly for family offices. With over 650 clients and managing around $740 billion in assets under administration in the U.S., their platform is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Navigating the intricacies of wealth management across diverse jurisdictions, Painter offers insight into the unique landscape of family offices in Asia. In Singapore, the emergence of new family offices contrasts with the well-established second and third-generation counterparts in Hong Kong. The tax incentives and evolving financial landscapes in these regions further influence the dynamics of family wealth management.

A key insight into the Asian market reveals a heightened interest in secure and diversified investment products, particularly structured annuities, Painter tells the audience. He also explains how Axonic’s strategic partnership with AmFirst Life Insurance Company allows the firm to offer innovative product categories tailored to clients’ specific needs.

As Axonic continuously adapts to the dynamic Asian wealth management sector, Painter claims that the firm focuses on providing secure, diversified investment products while embracing technological advancements. Through Axonic’s insights and experience, they aspire to contribute to the growth and success of family offices in the region.

In conclusion, Painter emphasizes that Axonic Insurance Solutions isn’t just expanding geographically; they are evolving to meet the unique demands of the Asian market, and they are enthusiastic about the journey ahead.

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