True Grit, Thomas Eigel

True grit defines our approach to both investing and relationships. We measure our success by our investors’ success with a long-term aim of delivering a differentiated return stream. With few long-term players left in the structured credit space, Axonic offers a unique level of expertise.

Our Office

The Axonic office is located in the heart of New York City and is a genuine reflection of our unique business model and service mentality. The modern, sophisticated space has stunning views of the city and features a unique collection of original artwork. We welcome you to stop by any time.

Axonic has emerged as a leader in the structured credit investment space, and we have long served as an example for other firms to follow. We constantly focus on sharing best practices and ideas with our peers and creating networks for our colleagues and investors to collaborate. Our investment niche is dynamic and constantly changing, and we feel our firm should reflect that as well. Read more about our corporate responsibility.

Black Flag for Guy Debord,
Skylar Fein

Our Artwork

Throughout the website we have featured a gallery of the artwork displayed in our office. Each of these pieces was chosen specially by our leadership team. We hope you’ll visit our office to see these pieces in person.

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