Axonic Capital Unveils Innovative Insurance Offering

Jan 15, 2024 | In the News

$4.3B asset management firm launches insurance offering to capitalize on the evolving needs of insurance customers and clients.

Axonic Capital, the $4.3B asset management firm known for opportunities in structured credit, commercial real estate and systematic fixed income, announced the launch of its newest business: Axonic Insurance. This new business builds on Axonic Capital’s industry-leading investment capabilities.

Axonic Insurance works closely with institutional partners to design, manufacture, and distribute fixed annuities on a global basis. In addition, Axonic Insurance provides investment advisory services for insurance-company general account portfolios. According to Clay DeGiacinto, co-chief investment officer and managing partner of Axonic Capital, “Our investment team has a proven track record identifying and investing in high-quality assets with stable, predictable cash flows –assets that are ideal for creating competitive fixed annuity portfolios.”

According to Michael Gordon, head of Axonic Insurance, “Axonic Insurance focuses on designing and developing high-quality annuity and insurance products, based on sound liability pricing fundamentals, deep asset management expertise, and access to efficient distribution.” In addition, he says, “We believe our technology platform will change the way annuity and insurance products are developed, deployed, distributed, and maintained, reducing time to market, improving risk management, and facilitating the integration of insurance and asset management to create better solutions for clients.”

“Axonic Insurance caters to the present and future requirements of best-in-class insurance offerings,” says Michael Gordon. “This new business line underscores our commitment to working closely with leading insurers to cultivate portfolios enriched with high-quality investments that yield compelling risk-adjusted returns. By doing so, we empower insurers, policyholders, beneficiaries and all stakeholders to thrive.”

Key features of Axonic Insurance include:

  1. Fixed Annuities, Fixed Indexed Annuities, and Income Annuities: Working with partners in the US and around the world, Axonic Insurance will offer a full range of fixed annuities – including multi-year guaranteed annuities, fixed indexed annuities, and single premium immediate annuities – to individuals and institutions.
  2. Insurance Portfolio Management: Axonic Insurance creates and manages general account insurance portfolios, customized for specific yield, duration, and convexity targets.
  3. Third Party Product Development: Axonic Insurance works with leading asset managers, institutional investors, and distributors to manufacture and distribute custom annuity products. The Axonic Insurance platform provides the insurance-wrapper to enable third-party asset manager’s customization, administration, distribution, and risk management for their own program. Our custom technology reduces expenses while accelerating go-to-market speed from design to distribution, making insurance asset management a viable commercial endeavor for third parties.
  4. InsureTech Product Platform: Axonic Insurance is developing a new technology platform for designing, deploying, and maintaining annuity and insurance products. This platform will shorten time to market, enhance risk management, and enable integration of annuities and insurance into financial planning and portfolio construction.

For more details on Axonic Insurance and its array of offerings, please visit:

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About Axonic Capital

Founded in 2010, Axonic Capital offers commercial and residential real estate strategies, systematic fixed income and commercial lending strategies along with its structure credit expertise. As of December 2023, the firm and its 58 employees managed just under $4.3B in AUM.


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