Axonic Strategic Income Fund 2020 Q3 Investor Call Replay

For 2020’s third quarter investor call, Skypoint Capital CEO Brian Smith was joined by Axonic Capital Managing Partner and CIO Clay DeGiacinto and Partner and Head of Credit Matthew Weinstein to provide a clear understanding of the potential opportunities in structured credit, both now and in the future, given the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the upcoming presidential election and the global economy. This investor call also offered insight on the current position of the Axonic Strategic Income Fund, which we believe is defensive, diversified and differentiated from other funds in this group.

Some of the other topics covered during this call include:

  • The current state of the structured credit market
  • How the Fund’s goals have evolved since its launch
  • The Fund’s current asset allocation strategy
  • How we plan to introduce upside convexity to the portfolio
  • Why we believe forbearance bonds have ample opportunities for investors
  • Risks inherent to the Fund’s portfolio and how we plan to combat them
  • Axonic’s surveillance and maintenance process and how it sets us apart

The Axonic Strategic Income Fund stands with $640 million AUM as of the end of the quarter. Since inception, we have purchased $825 million worth of bonds that represent a market value of $595 million, making our average purchase price $72 on the portfolio while our average sale is $103. If you have any questions about the Fund’s performance or asset allocation strategy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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