Axonic Strategic Income Fund 2022 Q4 Investor Call Replay

With 2022 now complete, it is time to reflect on the Axonic Strategic Income Fund’s
performance for the year as a whole. The year-end return for the Fund’s institutional share
class was approximately -5.31% to investors, outperforming its benchmark, the Bloomberg
Barclays Aggregate Bond Index, by approximately 7.7% over the same period. The Fund finished
the year in the thirteenth percentile of the multi-sector bond category after finishing in the
seventh percentile in 2021.

After Skypoint Capital CEO Brian Smith provided an overview of the Fund’s annual performance,
he was joined by Peter Cecchini, Axonic Capital’s director of research and head of macro
strategy, who looked back to compare the firm’s predictions given last year for 2022 and what
actually occurred as well as their outlook for the markets and economy moving forward.
Following Cecchini, Clay DeGiacinto, Axonic Capital’s CIO and managing partner, provided an
overview of how Axonic is positioning the portfolio and potential risks ahead. He also offered
an inside look at the structured credit market and why it is the golden environment for skilled
bond pickers.

To close out the call, Matthew Weinstein, Axonic Capital partner and head of credit, joined to
explain what is currently occurring in specific sectors, including the Fund’s largest allocation:
the commercial mortgage-backed security (CMBS) sector. If you have any questions about the
Fund’s performance or asset allocation strategy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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